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Use your Poison Spell at the right time. And the right time is when your towers are getting attacked by a wave of enemy troops, then rush them with your own troops. Remember that the poisoned enemies are easier to kill.

Use Building Cards. The Barbarian Hut, for instance, adds more troops to the field periodically; the Tesla is a great defensive building costing 4 Elixir to spawn, and the Elixir Collector grants you extra elixir.

Know your Arenas. As you go up the arenas, you will face stronger opponents and cards. Here’s the arenas in the game, the Trophy Ranking you’ll need for them and the number of unlocked cards you’ll get:

– Goblin Stadium: +0 & Six Cards
– Bone Pit: +400 & Six Cards
– Barbarian Bowl: +800 & Six Cards
– PEKKA Playhouse: +1100 & Six Cards
– Spell Valley: +1400 & Five Cards
– Builder Workshop: +1700 & Three Cards
– Royal Arena: +2000 & Four Cards
– Legendary Arena: +3000 & No Card Unlocks

Losing early can help with Card Collecting. This one is best explained by the folks at “Early game epics seem to be the most useful, including the Witch, Prince, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. As you go into new stadiums, more cards unlock, meaning your odds of getting the card you want go down. To level up these early cards the fastest, you will want there to be as few other cards that can come out of chests as possible. To do this, lose. Yes, you read that correctly, lose. Get back to 400 or less trophies. Once you get there, open all the chests you have. You will now get the rare cards you need to succeed at a higher level.”

Know what to upgrade. Don’t just go about upgrading every card willy-nilly. Upgrade common cards, the ones that are cheaper and use your Gold only to upgrade cards you really like. Gold is quite rare, so make sure you use it wisely.


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