Clash Royale 1.5.0 APK download is now available. Supercell revealed several features in the upcoming update as part of three sneak peeks previously. However, now they’ve made the full Clash Royale 1.5.0 update APK available. Here’s what the new update will feature.

clash royale 1.5.0 apk download
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Clash Royale 1.5.0 Update features new tournament mode

Challenges: Get 12 wins to unlock the top prize. 3 losses and you will lose the challenge. Two new challenges have different entrance fee and top prize rewards.

Classic Challenge: Entrance fee is 10 Gems. Top prize will give you 2000 Gold and 100 cards.

Grand Challenge: Entrance fee is 100 Gems. Top prize will give you 22,000 Gold and 1100 cards.

Current Tournament Tweaked

Gem prices and prizes have been changed. You can now choose between four different Tournament setups.

Four new cards

Mega Minion is available now but you will have to wait for a total of six weeks for the rest of the others to unlock. A new card will be revealed after every two weeks. We’ll keep you updated at the end of every two weeks to let you know when that happens.


Legendary Chest: Contains a Legendary Card from any Arena. Can be won from battle and appears in the Shop

Epic Chest: Contains only Epic Cards. Can be won from battle and appears in the Shop

Arena Packs: Special one-time offers available upon reaching a new Arena

New Cards: Special offer card stacks available for newly released cards

Get ready to battle with friends!

Friendly Battles: Challenge your friends from the friend’s list

Friends List: Moved to the new Social tab. This will effectively replace the Clan tab

Spectator: See when friends are online and spectate their battles


You can now mute your opponent and prevent him from distracting you during play. This means you don’t have to see the annoying Clash Royale emotes clog up your screen during an important match.

Excess Crowns: Now overflow from one Crown Chest to the next, if you have one waiting

Achievements: Unlock a new achievement in Tournament Challenges

Card Balance: Several cards have been re-balanced

Let us know what you think of the latest Clash Royale 1.5.0 update. You can download the APK file from