Clash of Clans Update recently dropped and it seemed Supercell did more than what they mentioned in their sneak peek. The update appears to have nerfed Miners significantly. Very few people were able to figure it out and now the Clash community is up in arms about it. It’s kind of like a sneaky nerf that Clashers got and they weren’t aware of it only until quite some time passed after the Clash of Clans Update dropped.

clash of clans update
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Clash of Clans Update – When Supercell said “Minor Bug Fixes” they were actually talking about a major nerf

It should have said “Miner” instead of “Minor”. Apparently, these bug fixes affected the Miners significantly. A lot of players now notice that Miners take longer to dig. Supercell answered it by saying there was a bug that allowed Miners to dig too fast right after a building was destroyed. So, instead of waiting for the allocated delay time, they would dig much quicker.

There haven’t been any stat changes. Stats of Miners are still the same. They have the same hit points, attack and speed. But there was a bug where defenses would get stuck while pointing at an out of reach miner when they started burrowing. So, instead of moving to a new target, they would remain distracted by the out-of-reach burrowing miner. This has now been fixed as well.

All this, combined with the addition of the Bomb Tower, is definitely going to be tough on troops. At TH11 you have Level 5 Bomb Towers. Also, the new level of defenses is going to make it hard too, we’re of course talking about the new level of mortars. So, yes life is going to be tough for Miners from this update onwards.

We’ll let you know of any other nerfs or buffs made in the Clash of Clans Update. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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