Clash of Clans’ long-awaited update may have been pushed by a month. This may be the same update we’ve talked about before, that was expected to come out in March. While details on the update are scarce, it certainly seems like we can expect new troops, and an improved Town Hall 10.


According to Costea Lestoc at Neurogadget, the update is now expected for April 2016, although no references have been provided.

As for what new troops to expect: Supercell has previously hinted that the only Town Hall to not have its own Dark Elixir troop is Town Hall 10, which they say is “nearly the highest any player can go in the game.” Regardless of whether the troop turns out to be Dark Elixir or not, it seems extremely likely that the troop will be a Town Hall 10 troop.

Apparently, there is also speculation that there will be a new Magician troop, called the Ice Mage, who, as his name suggests, will have the power to ability to freeze structures.

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The update may come around the same time as, or after, the release of Clash Royale. Want to know what’s different between Clash of Clans and Clash Royale? Check out our post on it!