Clash of Clans players will be happy to know that Supercell is finally going to release an update for their MMO Strategy title next month. And what’s interesting is that unlike the previous updates, this one seems to enhance the gameplay experience in a better ways as it is planned to bring balance-related changes, fixes, and nerfs for the game.

This exciting announcement was made by a staff member from Supercell on Clash of Clans official forums. He didn’t share any major details regarding the update, but he sure did get fans hyped up with the information he shared. According to him, the update will not only focus on improving the game, but it will kind of balance all the units of the game.

Clash of Clans

Supercell plans to bring balance among all the units of the game through the September update. The developers are kind of avoiding making units too strong or too weak, as players have been reporting this issue for the past couple months now. So instead of doing what they want, Supercell is listening to its fans, which is a good step towards improving the game.

As for now, we currently don’t know exactly what this Update will bring, aside from improving the game, fixing various issues and bringing balance among units. It will also affect the players between level 1 and 10. According to Supercell’s staff member, this update is scheduled to release in mid September.

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