September is here meaning that the popular MMO title from Supercell, Clash of Clans will be getting the much awaited update soon. Although the developers have been silent about the September update, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t plan to release it as they confirmed it a few weeks ago.

Supercell is yet to reveal what the September update will feature. Though they did confirm that the update will bring balance changes. However, as Supercell has remained silent about this update for quite some time now, a number of Clash of Clans players decided to create a list of features they would like to see in the upcoming update.

Clash of Clans

Many fans hope that Supercell will listen to them and add some stuff they want in the game. Supercell has already added Town Hall levels and troops, so we can definitely expect to see something new in the September update. Below is what fans would like Supercell to include in the upcoming update.

Limit on wars

According to a fan on Reddit, he wishes to see wars which would be limited for certain troops for both attack and defense. If Supercell cannot introduce this feature, then something which can enable or restrict the attack limit will also do the job.

War Practice Mode 

One thing majority of fans want to see in the September update is the war practice mode. It would be nice to see a mode where players can practice their war tactics without having to deal with enemies. There should be some customize-able bases where players can practice. Through this, not only players will know how to attack villages properly and with full power, but they will also get to know how they can create a better defense system for their own village.

Clan War Tournaments

Another feature fans would like to see is clan war tournaments, where players can test their skills against each other. Though Supercell is already trying to make the game as much competitive as they can, but the addition of clan war tournaments would definitely enhance the gameplay.

New ways to play the game

As we all know, a number of players have been leaving the game in the past few months because of the fact that the gameplay is similar to what it was at the start. Now, fans want to see some new and interesting ways to play the game. New ways to farms resources, gather troops and many other stuff is what fans would like to see in the September update.

New Single Player missions

Fans have been requesting Supercell to add new single player missions in the game for quite some time now. New difficult challenges will also do the job. Fans would also like to see a feature through which they can design their own single player missions.

Clash Of Clans

We currently don’t know exactly when Supercell will release this update and what it will feature, but one thing we know for sure is if it turns out to be what we expect it to be, then it will surely bring back those players who left the game. Yesterday, we reported that Supercell is currently banning those players who are using bots and hacks in the game.

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