Supercell’s flagship title Clash of Clans isn’t doing so good and it’s not simply because of Pokemon GO, it’s also because traditionally the game has had a steep learning curve. This discourages many newcomers from devoting too much time to it and learning all the tricks and strategies. Supercell’s previous update didn’t address this issue either and focused on players with Town Hall Level 11 and above. So, those with lesser Town Hall level were left unattended to and many of them ended up abandoning the game. However, rumors are that this might finally change with Clash of Clans September 2016 update.

clash of clans september update
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Clash of Clans September Update will target players with Town Hall level 11 and less

In the new Clash of Clans September update, Supercell will bring new features for Town Hall Level 11 and below players. This will make the game more accessible to them and give them the confidence to continue playing. CoC has traditionally not been newbie friendly. The new August update was delayed till September and it appears it’s going to be a massive one. If the rumors are to be believed, the upcoming major update for CoC will hit the¬†smartphones in the third week of this month.

Supercell intends to change the game a lot for both newcomers and veterans. There are rumors that the new Clash of Clans September update will come with some penalty features along with the Gem Mine that will allow you to mine for free gems. Supercell has yet to respond to these rumors so we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, there was more bad news earlier this year when Supercell cancelled ClashCon 2016. They wanted to fix the game and it appears the new September update will reflect that. We’ll keep you updated with more Clash of Clans update news. You can also check out our article where we outline what we expect from the upcoming CoC September update for the game. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.

  • DJ Anderson

    Supercell’s greed led them to cash in on the maxed out Whales last Dec, completely neglecting the entire player base and pretty much everything wrong with the game. It’s no wonder it became stale.

    It was only a matter of time until something replaced it. Time will tell if this hyped up crap will be any different than last December’s update or if it will be the same tired formula directed at cashing in rather than actually fixing everything wrong with it. I just feel bad for the whales who spent so much money to be on top and now they have a maxed base no cares about because no one’s playing anymore.

  • Loman

    Stop spouting rumors about a gem mine. It will never happen.

    Even if it were going to happen then supercell will just take away the gems you get from the gembox and gems from obstacles being cleared. Then what? People can raid your gem mine where they couldn’t raid your gembox. End result being you get less gems than before

    The gem mine has done the rounds since the game came out 4 years ago. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, or if it did it would be at the cost of the gems we currently do get in game.

  • Jacob Smith

    Clash of clans has nothing to offer on the next update since players start quiting the game. The farming has become silly even when you are trying to get more resources for an upgrade you actually are spending much resources that not compensate with the farming gain. In addition, it’s time consuming which has become boring for most players.