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Talking about sneak peeks, we have yet another one from Supercell. Clash of Clans October Update Sneak Peek 4 reveals friendly wars where clans will be able to fight against each other using custom settings. This is definitely a well-needed update to the game. Supercell has also explained in full detail how to fight custom Clan battles.

clash of clans october update sneak peek 4
via supercell

Clash of Clans October Update Sneak Peek 4

“Friendly War Details:

Friendly War challenges are issued via opponent Clan Profiles

Accept Friendly War challenges from Clan chat

New Friendly War Clan settings: disable challenges

Choose custom war durations (as short as one hour!) and sizes from 5v5 to 50v50!

Friendly War attacks do not consume your armies (only attacking Clan Castle troops are consumed when attacking)

It’s just for fun! Friendly Wars award no war loot or Clan XP

We’re immensely excited to give Clans new tools for arranging their own Clan War competitions and tournaments. You can also expect that we’ll be hosting our own official War Challenges and events in the future!”

Let us know what you think of this Clash of Clans October Update Sneak Peek 4. The previous updates for October also introduced a host of new changes. These include new defensive units and a bit of a change up for the Wild Hog. Town Hall levels lower than 11 now have the game made much easier for them as they get access to higher level units. These new units were previously only available to higher level Town Halls. Supercell noticed that the learning curve for their flagship mobile game was too steep for newcomers. Hence, this is definitely a welcome change. Anyways, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

What’s your Clash clan? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to MobiPicker as we keep you up to date with the latest CoC and Clash Royale news.


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