More big Clash of Clans update news here. Supercell just introduced a new defensive item to the game. It’s called the Bomb Tower and it’s coming to a Town Hall near you. What is it exactly? It’s a lot like the Bomb Tower from Clash Royale. TH8 will be the first time you will be able to build it. Here is everything Supercell has revealed about the new Clash of Clans October Update Sneak Peek 3.

clash of clans october update sneak peek 3
via supercell

Clash of Clans October Update Sneak Peek 3 – Bomb Tower

“NEW: Bomb Tower (starting at TH 8)

Bomb Towers explode in a small radius when destroyed, punishing masses of melee troops that charge in without a careful plan.
Bomb Towers create a lot of new room for balancing mass-attack troops, which have too easily teetered between being super-weak or super-strong.

Witch hitpoints massively increased, damage slightly increased

Witches are much more resilient and have more power to push through incoming fire. However, Bomb Towers will challenge their Skeleton hordes!

Giant Bombs no longer deal 1.5x damage to Hog Rider

We’re shifting Hog Rider play away from focus on Giant Bombs, and more towards planning for Bomb Tower resistance.”

You can read about it more on the official Supercell blog. Let us know what you think of the Clash of Clans October Update Sneak Peek 3.


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