Reports are coming in that Clash of Clans has a new update coming later in March, and this one is going to introduce a brand new troop. Contrary to expectations, the troop will not be the Musketeer seen in Clash Royale, but rather, a Dark Elixir based troop, similar to Witches, Hog Riders, Minions and Lava Hounds.

Clash of Clans apple app game

We’ve previously talked about the upcoming March update, and quoted Supercell as noting that Town Hall 10 is the only one that did not have its own Dark Elixir unit. YouTuber MrOpXenon can be seen talking at length about the upcoming troop in the following video, in which he explains how the unit will be a complete game changer.

March will also see the release of Hearthstone-like card game, Clash Royale, releasing for the iOS and Android, and also developed by Supercell. So if you were worried that all attention is going towards Clash Royale, fear not: Clash of Clans is getting some love too, in the March update.

What do you think about this upcoming update? Will it be taken as poorly as the Town Hall 11 update, with players causing a sharp outcry in the forums?


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