Supercell just asked for Clash of Clans ideas on Reddit and the forum has exploded. There’s a barrage of suggestions coming from the fans and we’ve decided to bookmark the top 5 one that we think are brilliant and you should know about. Supercell is very interested in community feedback when it comes to improving the game. A major update might hit the game in September and we think this Reddit post by the developer might have a lot to do with that. Here’s the 5 best things we want in Clash of Clans in the later updates.

clash of clans ideas
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1. Clash of Clans Ideas – Save Army Compositions

This’ll make setting up your armies much easier as the game will remember the specific troops you want in your armies (like air based or raider based army) and have it auto-load the troops and spells into the barracks and spell factories. Supercell has said previously this might cause memory problems in the game but we beg to differ and expect the developer to deliver this much at least.

2. ‘hold and drag’ option in the training queue

When someone in your clan needs a specific troop, you have to delete yours from the queue to train there’s. It would be really helpful if Clash of Clans lets you re-organize troops in the queue. That way, if someone needed something specific you could hold and drag it to the front of the queue.

3. Idle workers can be assigned to boost productivity

Idle workers can be assigned to allow construction to happen faster or at the same speed for a reduced cost. This would at least put them to good use instead of mopping around mindlessly.

4. Dark Spells in the Clan Castle

When your castle is being attacked and the troops get within certain proximity, dark spells are triggered and they could have different effects like poison which can harm them for a given amount of time or a Skeleton spell which could spawn skeletons to fight by your side.

clash of clans ideas
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5. Separate Clan War Chat for friendly chats

A separate clan war chat could allow players to communicate strategies and tactics without letting the enemy team know. This is a much-needed feature and we hope Supercell patch this into the game in their next update.

What new Clash of Clans Ideas do you have? Let us know. You can read the full Reddit post here.


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