Today we bring Clash of Clans Grand Warden Guide. Spotlight for the 3rd Hero edition, The Grand Warden. We discuss this Unique Hero’s abilities and how they are applied to whatever Army Composition you may decide to bring into Battle. Also, we’ll discuss the Grand Wardens Life Aura and Eternal Tome abilities as well as the two different attack settings that he can be set on in order to be taken into battle. How to apply this army is based off the basic principles outlined in this Clash of Clans Grand Warden Guide. Hope you pull something from it.

clash of clans grand warden guide

Clash of Clans Grand Warden Guide

This unique hero is exclusive to Town Hall 11. It’s upgradable by the use of Elixir. The max level for it is 20. He is very unique as compared to the other two heroes because of the fact that he has two different abilities. Life Aura and Eternal Tome. Furthermore, it has two different attack settings.

Life Aura

Basically, it’s a passive ability that gives a percentage boost to HP of any unit in its Aura. This can be visibly seen by a circle around it. The max HP increase for units depends on its level. From level 1 to 20, this will vary between 70 to 275.

Eternal Tome

It’s an active ability unlocked at level 5. This ability increases in power after every 5 levels. So, the ability has a total of 4 levels. From power level 1 to 4, the time of the Eternal Tome varies from 3.5 to 5 seconds. Basically, the moment you trigger this ability, everything in its Aura will become invincible for the time period the ability is active. You can observe this when the troops start flashing. This is very effective when combined with Miners and Archer Queens.

On air and ground, the only difference is that the Grand Warden will trigger air and ground traps respectively. To deal with this you’ll have to use the specific attack settings. So, if you’re actually using Air then use the Air settings with the Grand Warden and so on. Otherwise, if you give him settings opposite to the army he is fighting with (like ground setting while fighting with Air troops) he will soak up a lot more damage because he will be getting attacked from air and ground both.

Clash of Clans Grand Warden Guide for defense

Turn him into a statue. Wait for enemy troops to get into range. His range for defense is much larger than other heroes. You will notice him shoot his light beams at enemy troops quite farther away.

Clash of Clans Grand Warden Guide for attack

Grand Warden has a much lower damage threshold than the Archer Queen. Therefore, you should use it in a defensive role. It also has the added advantage of a much larger range than the Archer Queen. Essentially, Grand Warden is used to get the most damage out of your kill squad or air units because it can boost their HP and make them invulnerable to enemy attacks as well.

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