Developer Supercell is juggling two major mobile titles at the moment. They just released a new update for their Clash Royale game. One can easily speculate that it was because the studio was busy with Clash Royale that they still didn’t get a chance to release the highly anticipated CoC update. However, they answered some major questions by newcomers and we will briefly summarize them in our Clash of Clans Getting Started Guide.

clash of clans getting started guide
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Clash of Clans Getting Started Guide for Multiplayer

You attack and visit villages that belong to other CoC players. You raid their resources like gold, elixir and, at higher levels, dark elixir. This lets you build and upgrade your village much faster than by simply saving up resources from mines or collectors.

Furthermore, you get trophies. The more stars you get, the more trophies you win. However, if you lose the battle, you lose trophies. Once you have enough trophies, you can gain entry into the Trophy Leagues, which let you win even more precious resources.

Clash of Clans Getting Started Guide for Single Player Campaign

clash of clans getting started guide
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The single player campaign pitches you against 50 Goblin villages, each more difficult than the previous one. This campaign is available to all players right from the start of the game.

In the village view, just tap the ‘Attack’ button to find the Single Player campaign on the right side of the screen.

Every successful single player battle rewards you with gold and elixir, but finite loot. As you progress in the campaign, the rewards get bigger. You only need a 1-star victory in a level to progress to the next. In order to get all 150 stars and unlock the achievement “Get Those Goblins!”, you need to score 3 stars on all 50 levels.

Single Player attacks have no time restriction, and they do not affect your shield. Also, a player will never lose or gain any trophies in the single player campaign. This is a great place for learning the tricks of the attack and defense used in the game.

How much damage is required to win a battle

  • 50% of the village, or Town Hall = 1 star
  • Destroying 50% of the village + Town Hall = 2 stars
  • Destroying everything (100%) = 3 stars

Clash of Clans getting Started Guide for Trophies

Gain trophies by successfully attacking or defending against other players. The amount of trophies earned or lost depends on the difference between you and your enemy.

  • Win an attack or defense against a player with a higher trophy count than you, you will be rewarded with a larger number of trophies
  • If you win an attack or defense against an enemy with lesser trophies than you, you’ll be rewarded with a smaller amount of trophies
  • Lose an attack or defense against an enemy with lesser trophies than you, you will lose a large amount of trophies
  • If you lose an attack or defense against an enemy with more trophies than, you will lose less trophies

You can lose more trophies from a loss than winning from a battle

Technically, a player with a high amount of trophies should win the match. So, if you attack a player with fewer trophies than you and lose the match, you’re going to lose more trophies than you would have gained if you had won. Making a mistake as a high trophy player is severely punished through this system. Furthermore, this adds to the strategic depth of the game.

Loot bonus

After each successful attack, you will get a loot bonus. Meaning that you have to get at least a one-star victory to be awarded with the loot bonus. The higher the league you’re in, the bigger the loot bonus you will receive.

  • 1-50% damage: for every 1% of damage against your opponent you get 1.6% of the total league bonus.
  • 51-70% damage: you earn 1% of the total league bonus.

Note: To be eligible for a bonus in the first place, you need to already be ranked in a league. This means that the bonus will not be awarded if the victory is the first one of the season or if the attack was a revenge.

How are my opponents chosen in multiplayer?

  1. It’s based only on trophies
  2. When you search for an opponent, you will be matched to a player with roughly the same trophy count as you
  3. Winning against a player with more trophies than you will earn you more trophies
  4. The system will always attempt to find you the best possible match
  5. You are spending Gold on each match. Furthermore, matchmaking costs rise as you level-up your Town Hall
  6. If you are losing a lot of battles, see where you can improve the layout of your village and positions of your mortars and cannons etc., to fend off raiders

Loot calculation

Calculated using the difference between your Town Hall, and your opponent’s.

We give you an example of raiding a village

– Same TH as you will grant a high percentage of resources
– Higher TH will give you even more resources
– Lower TH will yield less loot!

Clash of Clans Getting Started Guide for Shield Cooldown

clash of clans getting started guide
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To protect your village from attacks. You can purchase it from the shop. It is of 3 types.

  • One Day Shield
  • Two Day Shield
  • One Week Shield

Cooldown time is shown in yellow. This is the period of time you have to wait before buying another shield.

  • If you buy a shield for 1 day then you have to wait 5 days until you can buy this shield again
  • If you buy the 2-day shield it is 10 days
  • For the 7 day shield is 35 days

Shields are stackable. So, combine each shield for a total of 10 days, and you will be able to purchase a 1 day shield at the end of the first five days.


Use the Revenge option in your battle log to do a revenge attack on someone who attacked you.

  • Cannot revenge a player who has a shield or is online
  • You will lose your shield while performing a revenge attack
  • You will get no trophies for a revenge attack
  • Revenge can only be done once after you were attacked by that player
  • You will not receive a loot bonus after a successful revenge, even if you are in a league

Clash of Clans Getting Started Guide for Multi-layout village editor

You can now save up to 3 different layouts for both your village and your War Base. The 1st slot unlocks at Town Hall level 3, the 2nd one at level 5, and the 3rd at level 7.

  • Whenever you unlock a layout slot, you can start working on an alternative layout, and save it with the ‘save’ button (even if it’s not finished)
  • Any layout can be set as the “active layout” at any time, as long as it’s completed (i.e. all buildings deployed) and saved
  • Any layout can be copied to another slot as long as the target slot is not the active layout
  • If you need to continue editing your village some other time, then simply tap on ‘finish later’ to resume editing whenever you’re back

Difference between a Shield and Village Guard

Village Guard

  • Short intervals (30 mins to 4 hrs)
  • Usable while Shield is inactive
  • Can be purchased every day (23-hour cooldown)
  • Active guard counts toward your Personal Break timer
  • Attacking while it’s active will not cost Village Guard time
  • Duration depends on Trophy League


  • Long intervals (12 hrs to 7 days)
  • Usable anytime, but buying a Shield cancels an active Village Guard
  • Requires a longer cooldown after purchasing (5-35 days)
  • Does not add to Personal Break timer
  • Attacking while Shielded costs Shield time
  • Duration is consistent for every Clasher

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