Supercell dropped the Clash of Clans fair Play bomb on its users. They are taking a stronger stance on players guilty of cheating, using hacks or even using third party software to get an edge on other players. Furthermore, as part of their commitment to keep the gameplay clean and fair, they will be banning players permanently. However, this didn’t strike a friendly chord with their fan-base. Consequently, they were outraged and expressed concern at Supercell going overboard with their Clash of Clans fair Play policy.

clash of clans fair play
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Clash of Clans Fair Play general information

Third party software users are banned permanently. Therefore, it includes those using a bot or a mod. Consequently, if you have such programs on your device, you should remove them immediately.

What constitutes as a fair play?

As outlined under the previous headline, just make sure you do not have a third-party software. Also, do not fall for scams or buy accounts to get an unfair edge over the competition. Using these services carries a risk of losing control of one’s accounts or financial data

What are third-party software?

Just don’t have the following on your device:
1. Hacks or programs that modify the game
2. Bots that play the game for you

Unauthorized gem selling will not be tolerated!

Some hackers have stolen private information of players and are selling their in-game items for real-world money. Supercell has warned not to give your credit card information to unknown websites that promise in-game rewards for a fee.

Don’t buy or sell a game account

There is no short-cut to winning in life and The same can be said for Clash of Clans. You will be banned permanently if you are caught buying or selling game accounts. No matter how much you think the gameplay is unfair or how hard and useless and cumbersome the Legendary Arena is, cheating is still not the solution. There are also risks involved like the person not handing over the account even after you pay or that account could’ve been flagged for a ban by Supercell and once you buy it and log in, you discover that you are banned. So, it’s basically for your own good.

No official support for game accounts found indulging in fraudulent behavior

Supercell will not extend any support for game accounts that have been involved in fraudulent behavior, or in cases where a fraudulent service provider has compromised an account.

Phishing for accounts will get you banned permanently

Phishing is when you receive an email from someone claiming to represent a company and they ask you for your login information. A lot of player accounts have been compromised through this. Therefore be careful. Anyone found phishing for player or clan accounts will be banned permanently.

What do you think about the Clash of Clans Fair Play policy? Let us know in the comments.


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