Clash of Clans design values post by Supercell discusses some very important core values of the game. The Clash of Clans design values enhance player experience and make the game more enjoyable. Supercell shared their game design philosophy with the fans and we think it’s those core design values which make the game the best on the mobile yet. Here’s 5 reasons why clash of clans design values make it the best game on mobile.

clash of clans design values
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Clash of Clans Design Values – Depth

Clash of Clans isn’t just black and white in the sense that one army attacks and the others defend. It’s a whole spectrum. Design choices give a unique balance to attack and defense. There are many attack strategies to choose from and that’s what adds to the overall fun factor and depth of the game.

Playstyle Diversity

Different play styles to suit everyone. Whether you enjoy Clan Wars, Trophy pushing, or going after loot, there should always be something interesting to try, learn and master. Each player brings his own unique gameplay style to the game. This adds diversity to the game and makes every play unique.


For a strategy game, it’s awfully simple to play. A lot of people still find the many features problematic to handle and learn but it’s still a far-fetch from mainstream strategy games like StarCraft 2 and Age of Empires. And that’s okay because sometimes simplicity makes a game better.

Meaningful Progression

You never feel like you’re playing for meaningless items or that you’re just grinding an insane amount of hours only for a boring progress meter. No, it actually feels like all that time playing the game was worth it. Clash of Clans is an unfolding experience told in many different chapters, and players will discover unique gameplay, strategies, and challenges as they progress.

Social Play

Here is the main reason why we think Clash of Clans design values make the game the best on mobile. It has multiplayer. The reason why Pokemon GO is still not better than Clash of Clans in our opinion. The game is fun and allows you to play with friends and complete strangers online. There’s a lot of fun in attacking some random player’s base online or defending yourself from onslaught out of nowhere.

Let us know what you think of Clash of clans design values.


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