So how do you use the Bomb Tower at TH9? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to answer in our Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Guide. TH8, TH10 and TH11 also have the Bomb Tower but TH9 is the most important Town Hall level to address defensively. A lot of people are worried that Hogs will overrun the base thus rendering such defenses useless. We don’t think that’s true and we’re going to take your fears away in this Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Guide.

clash of clans bomb tower guide
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Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Guide

Firstly, the Giant Bomb no longer does the 1.5 damage to Hogs. It does max for TH9 and 225 points DPS. Basically, you’re getting a 5th Giant Bomb for TH9. The first question that arises is where you want to put it. You need to place it away from the Kill Squad. Keep your King and Queen away from the Bomb Tower. Mainly, we are talking about this sort of Defense in response to a Wild Hog army. One good thing you can do is put it in a double Giant Bomb Set.

A setup with Giant Bombs is ideal for taking out Hogs. As long as it’s just not the Giant Bomb and other bombs as well. Make some room to fit the small bombs. Plus a Wizard Tower also helps. As long as you have this complete setup, you’d be good to go. Also, place your Tower in such a way that when they explode the Wild Hogs don’t get a chance to heal because of the small bombs that attack them immediately.

Let us know your thoughts about the Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Guide we put out. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates regarding all Supercell games. We also do guides on Clash Royale that you can check out.


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