Considering the fact that Clash of Clans is the most successful game by Supercell and is perhaps the most popular mobile game around the world, it is no surprise that major updates are sent out regularly to the game. Clash of Clans APK recently got a new update and also received a maintenance update yesterday that brought many fixes and improvements.

Clash of Clans apple app game

But along with the maintenance update, another significant update was released shortly after. Clash of Clans now stands at version 8.212.9 and comes with a new troop Bowler that throws bouncing boulders on enemy bases. Also, the update add new levels for Mortar, Inferno Tower, Hog Rider, Goblin, and Valkyrie. Then there is faster spell brewing, Clan War matchmaking, and a lot more.

Needless to say, these updates released over the course of the past few days have filled a fresh breath of life in the game and made it more enjoyable. The irritating bugs have been fixed and the new little features give a new dimension to the game. The latest Clash of Clans 8.212.9 APK download file is 58.82 MB large and is compatible with all Android 4.0.3 or later devices.

You can download Clash of Clans APK v8.212.9 from Comment below about the interesting things you found in the new update.


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