Clash of Clans will be getting a new update soon (we expect it to be in April), and it will feature a brand new Dark Elixir troop, who will be added to Town Hall 10. The Clash of Clans developer Supercell was asked if there will be an update for Town Hall 10, but Supercell has remained tight-lipped about it.


According to Neurogadget, the new Dark Elixir troop will cause huge balance changes to the game, although Supercell is yet to confirm this, or reveal more details about the troop. What we know almost certainly is that the troop will be added to Town Hall 10.

Further rumours suggest a troop called the Ice Mage, who has the ability to freeze enemies and other structures, but knowing Supercell’s silence, it’s unlikely we’ll learn about this troop’s existence until the update itself comes out.

There is a chance Clash of Clans may not be getting much attention in light of their soon-to-be-released card strategy game, Clash Royale. We’ve previously covered how Clash Royale works, so if you’re interested in becoming a master of the cards, check out our overview.

The new Clash of Clans update is expected to be released in April, most likely so as to not conflict with the launch of Clash Royale in March.


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