We have reason to believe that Supercell is releasing a new update to Clash of Clans soon, either in March or April, that will add new troops into play. Supercell has confirmed this on their Facebook page, where they said that a huge update is on the way for Clash of Clans, according to Neurogadget.


According to rumour, the update will add a new Dark Elixir troop to Town Hall level 10. We also have reason to believe that this troop will fundamentally change the balance of the game, although more details on the troop are forthcoming. Another troop we can look forward to is the Ice Mage, a troop that can reportedly freeze enemies and structures. We have no confirmation from Supercell that such a troop is actually coming, but that certainly isn’t stopping the rumour mill from hyperventilating.

While we originally expected this Town Hall 10 update to sally forth in March, we now think it may have been pushed back to April on account of their upcoming game, Clash Royale. Check out how it works here. Want to know how it’s different from Clash of Clans? We’ve got you covered!


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