Speculations from Supercell and trusted social media posts have hinted that the new update for ‘Clash of Clans’ is expected to include new troopers and other huge features. Though it has been a while since the last update and the company have created a large thread about the global launch of the title twist, Clash Royale, next month and have also dropped a couple of information in a recent post on the Clash of Clans Facebook page.

clash of clans

The Facebook post that raised the hopes of fans to the possibility of new troops read, “We’re indeed working on a new troop, but it won’t be Musketeer from ‘Clash Royale. We’re working on the next update, and we also have cool plans for the next big feature.”

This will not be the first time that Supercell, the developers of Clash of Clans, would be adding new troop to the game, what is different however is that this one is expected to bring a whole new experience to the game. This plan was confirmed as of the end of January by a renowned international YouTuber and further verified by insiders in the development circle.

The new troop is expected to improve the Town Hall 10 performance of the game. In a comment regarding the speculations, one of the game representative said, “We’re currently looking at TH10. It’s next in line as the first TH level that doesn’t have its own DE troop.”

It is believed by many that the sneak-peek coming one after the other in a space of few hours is not a coincidence but there is just no way to verify this for now. Other fans have feared that Clash Royale may be favoured over Clash of Clans but emerging reports suggest otherwise. Also, it has not been long the Treasury patch was released to address major problems with Town Hall 11. There is no announcement on release dates yet but rumours and reports from Neurogadget are suggesting that something would be available before April.

A Sneak-Peak Into Clash Royale

Clash Royal follows similar gameplay as Clash of Clans. Also, mechanics and characters such as giants and goblins are the same as that of the older title. Players can still build clans, where members can engage in friendly duels using Clash of Clans troops, defences and spells, as well as share cards but instead of defending villages, they will be defending towers.

Players around the world can also compete in a duel to win crowns and trophies. The game is free to play on mobile but also has some in-game purchases which can be turned off in the game settings. Other features of the game are; head-to-head battle between two monarchs. The royale includes princes, princesses, knights, baby dragons, etc.


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