Supercell has long banned the use of third-party apps and mods like Xmod. In fact, Supercell has gone to the extent of putting a complete ban on accounts using third party apps that promote unfair usage. Supercell has always believed in Safe Play and consistently makes changes to its Safe and Fair Play Policy to secure gameplay environment for everyone. Continuing this initiative, Supercell has now revised its Safe and Fair Play Policy. The extended Code of Conduct outlines Supercell’s stance on cheating and abusive behavior. Read on to find out more!

Supercell revises Clash of Clans Safe and Fair Play Policy

Supercell has re-emphasized that it considers providing a fair and secure gameplay environment a top priority. Towards pursuing that goal, Supercell does not tolerate cheating or abusive behavior and has made it clear that any account found to be involved in any such practices will attract a penalty, including revoked in-game currency, temporary game suspension and permanent game account closure.

Specifically, Supercell has outlined that it has zero tolerance for abusive behavior, use of third party software and unauthorized gem selling.

Abusive Behavior

Here are a few things that Supercell considers inappropriate:

  1. Hate speech, racism, and other discriminatory language
  2. Obscene or sexually explicit banter
  3. Threats or harassment
  4. Excessive swearing
  5. Bullying

Use of Third Party Software

Any third party software that consists of unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay, alter game functionality and provide unfair advantages will put your account at risk. Supercell classifies third party software as –

  1. Hacks, “mods”, or programs that unfairly alter game functionality
  2. “Bots”, or gameplay automation services or scripts
  3. Any other programs that aim to modify or provide unearned progress

Consequences of Misconduct: Trying to gain an unfair advantage by using prohibited 3rd party software will result in a permanent ban for any offending account(s).

Unauthorized Gem Selling

Supercell has outlined the following guidelines for unauthorized gem selling –

Certain websites and individuals might offer discounted gems/diamonds. Don’t be fooled – it’s a scam.

Such practices request private login data (such as Apple ID, Google Play credentials, etc) in order to access your game account. WARNING: These vendors will gain access to your account and oftentimes, hijack the account and try selling it to other players.

IMPORTANT: If you release your private information/credentials to 3rd parties, you’re permanently placing your game and financial/online security in a high-risk situation.

Consequences of misconduct: Purchasing gems or diamonds from 3rd party vendors can lead to revoked in-app currency and can even get your account permanently banned.

In addition to these, the Safe and Fair Play policy has outlined what Supercell considers “other unacceptable behavior” –

  1. Supercell Staff impersonation
  2. Phishing other players’ accounts
  3. Refund abuse
  4. Knowingly exploiting a bug
  5. Encouraging others to break the rules
  6. Asking for or providing personal contact information
  7. Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scamming


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