The October 12th update was a major release for Supercell. With new content and balancing, a total revamp of the army training method and the introduction of quick train feature, friendly wars, clash friends and much more, the update has brought excitement levels soaring high. The global top players have pretty much upgraded all defence levels – X-bow, Mortar and Hidden Tesla. Maxed out dragon, baby dragon, and wizards have also been spotted in the army camps of top players. But the update came with its own set of glitches. Supercell is yet to release a patch for these bugs.

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Bug: Device Not Compatible For Update

We’ve seen this before. Most of the times, clearing the app data or cache would do the trick. But this time, the problem looks to be quite different. Users simply couldn’t start the game after downloading the update – especially on iPhone and iPad. Android devices didn’t see much of this problem. Supercell hasn’t yet offered a fix for this bug. But here’s what you can try to fix this problem:

iOS Devices

Ensure that you have saved the game and that it can be restored.

  • Uninstall the game.
  • Download and re-install.
  • Sign in and restore your village.

Android Devices

  • Head to Settings -> Apps -> All
  • Clear Cache

Bug: Not Getting What Special Offers Promises

The recent update brought with it something that has become massively popular in Clash Royale – special offers that users can buy by spending gems or money. For example, a special pack consisting of level 2 bomb tower + 4,000,000 gold + 1200 gems can be bought for $9.99. But the problem is that after users paid the amount, the offer never got delivered! This is the most pressing problem right now which Supercell needs to fix. Because we are talking about real money here.

Bug: Update Incompatible with Galaxy S5

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and are facing the known problem of graphics becoming blurry, all you need to do is download the Samsung’s Game Tuner app and Game Services to fix the problem. In settings, you need to change graphics to max and 60fps. This will most likely restore the original resolution back.

Bug: Crashes

Arggghhh! Game crashes can be the most annoying thing! The update is stable when you try to exercise most of the new features, but crashes promptly when you try to start a battle. Supercell is probably working on this already. This is also a major bug which is preventing many players from starting a battle. If you are desperate to start battles, you can, however, give the “clear cache” method a try and see if it works.

Miscellaneous: Got Banned After Update?

Many players have been banned from playing Clash of Clans with their current accounts after they updated to the latest version. The new update reportedly has a tool built-in to detect third-party mods like Xmod and others. If Supercell gets to know that you have been using software that gives you an undue advantage, you will be banned forever. Prior to the update, Supercell sent out many warnings and even temporarily banned many players. But this time, the ban looks to be permanent. If your account has been banned even if you haven’t resorted to using third-party mods or apps, contact Supercell and you may very well be able to use your village again!

Supercell may soon fix the bugs that many players are seeing. The update is expected soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the new update. Clash on!


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