Yesterday we saw the reveal of a brand new troop for Clash of Clans: the long-rumoured Town Hall 10 Dark troop, called the Bowler. Today we have a brand new sneak peek, also focused on the Bowler, showing off how the unit can be used in a defensive role.


As we’ve seen in yesterdays’ sneak peek, the Bowler is a Dark unit available at Town Hall Level 10, and his job is to throw massive boulders that not only do damage to their target, but bounce forward, doing an equal amount of damage to the next target in line as well.

In today’s video, narrated once again by Wicked Gaming, we see the Bowler devastating the Witch and the Wizard, before being taken down by a Dragon, because the Bowler cannot shoot at air targets. The Bowler also proves to be good against clusters of weaker units, like the skeletons.

As for his stats, the previous sneak peek revealed that he has a DPS of 85, and 380 Hit points. Furthermore, he costs 170 Dark Elixir to train. He also doesn’t wear shoes, or pants for some reason I cannot fathom.

Are you excited to use the Bowler in Clash of Clans? What do you think of this brand new inclusion in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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