Rage-filled barbarians, pyromaniac wizards, immortal heroes – Clash of Clans never ceases to amaze its fans. Over the past few months, the game has received several updates. The December 2016 update brought many new Town Hall 11 attack levels including Barbarian King levels 41-45, Archer Queen levels 41-45, Clan Castle level 7, Golem level 6, Hog Rider level 7 and Poison Spell level 5. The update increased poison spell radius and increased the damage and hitpoints of Witch. With several upgrade discounts  – Barbarian King levels 31-40, Archer Queen levels 26-40, wall levels 10-11 – the update also brought in new 15m and 30m options for Friendly War challenges while reducing the Clan Mail cooldown from 12h to 1h. And Supercell is now back with March 2017 balancing update!

clash of clansClash of Clans March 2017 balancing update

Supercell has always approached game balance by looking at attack stats and playtesting gameplay changes. Developers have consistently emphasized that regular balancing updates help keep the game fun and interesting! With March 2017 update, Supercell is giving some love to lesser-used troops and further developing the TH11 air game. The massive update is coming soon! Here’s what to expect from Clash of Clans March 2017 update, as outlined by Supercell

NEW: Air defense level 9 (TH 11)

Air Defense levels 4-8 upgrade cost and time decreased

With high-level air armies gaining traction, it’s finally time to release a vividly colored TH11 Air Defense.

Wall level 12 limit increased by 25 (TH11)

More level 12 Walls means more options for defending TH11 layouts!

Hog Rider levels 5-7 hitpoints and Miner hitpoints increased (all levels)

The previous update reduced miner speed considerably. However, with this update, we may soon see a shift in miner strategy. Whether as first-strike or support units, both Hog Rider and Miner will enjoy some survivability improvements with this HP boost.

Dragon levels 4-6 damage and P.E.K.K.A levels 3-5 damage increased

The much-awaited update for P.E.K.K.A is finally here. The challenging task of getting these high-level power-hitters to your prize target will be all the sweeter with these damage buffs!

Witch spawning rate increased

A regular member of balancing updates, the Witch is now getting a boost to what makes her the Witch – spawning skeletons, and lots of them.

What do you think about the upcoming Clash of Clans massive update? Post your thoughts in the comments section.


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