Is the day over yet? No? Sounds like as great a time as any to report on the newest development in the Clash of Clans universe: the introduction of the Official 2016 Clash of Clans Desk Calendar. And yes, it involves swimsuits.

Clash of Clans

As Supercell puts it, this calendar features “all the months”, including that month when you were born. This is in stark contrast to other calendars, which are frequently sold with 6-10 months, and the rest of the months made available as DLC.

Expect to see your favourite Clash of Clans troops, including Barbarian, Tesla, Hog Rider and posing sexy in their swimsuits for the first time. Please, contain your excitement as the trailer below flips through the pages, revealing each month in sultry detail. You’ll always have eye candy to look at as you plan your clan wars next.

Speaking of calendars, we’re also curious to know what else Supercell has in store for Clash of Clans. After the release of an update last month that involved a new troop, the Bowler, we’re left wondering when the next update may come, which could be as soon as this month. I’d mark that date on my Official 2016 Clash of Clans Desk Calendar if I were you.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Check out the video below.