In this Clash Of Clans December 2016 Update article, we will be telling you guys about the new multi-target Air defenses, new LVL 12 walls in Clash of Clans and also the “make a new troop” contest hosted by Supercell in 2016. You can make any troop you want and MAYBE Supercell might pick it to be a winner and hopefully implemented inside the December 2016 Clash of Clans update.

clash of clans update
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Will your troops be featured in Clash Of Clans December 2016 Update?

If you are making your own troop, be sure to submit it on the official Supercell forums. There have been a lot of really good designs going about. A really popular design on the forums is a goblin hero that creates spells to attack the buildings in front of him. And creates heal spells for troops with low health and the hero will cost 160,000 dark elixir. It will do 200 splash damage to buildings surrounding it. And it will also have a bubble around it for its ability and will send little goblins that appear where loot is, like collectors mines and storages. They will not have a lot of health but will be able to make damage.

Another great troop idea floating on Supercell forums is a brand new troop called Death. Its weapon is a scythe and it deals 125 damage. It attacks every 2 seconds. If it dies, it summons 10 skeletons around it.
Its health is 1,000. For every hit it deals, its life steals 10% of the damage dealt. Death also is fairly fast as it hovers. It is an air/ground troop. When attacking, it is a ground troop but when going somewhere more than 2 tiles away, it will start flying to go faster. Housing space is 15.

Do you have any great ideas for the Clash Of Clans December 2016 Update? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to submit them on official Supercell forums.


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