Supercell has tweeted their support guide on Clan Wars, in case you’re not familiar with those. As the guide itself puts it, a Clan War is “a strategic battle between two randomly matched Clans.” The guide goes into quite a bit of detail about how to prepare for Clan Wars, participate in them, what you get for winning, and so on.

clash of clans offline on ios

For Clan Wars to initiate, both clans have to have the same amount of members in their clan, and they must be of comparable strength. When a Clan War is initiated, you will enter the preparation phase, which lasts 23 hours. Once you’re all ready and prepared for it, the Battle Day begins. Each participant can attack twice during the Battle Day. The Clan with the most stars at the end of the day, naturally, wins.

Interestingly, if clans have equal stars, a tiebreaker takes place. Specifically, the tiebreaker is a ‘total destruction percentage’, which is taken from each side’s players’ best attack. For winning, you get a new point in the “Wars won” stat, and you also earn Clan XP, which is good for treasured perks.

Have you engaged in a Clan War yourself? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below.


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