If you’re playing Clash of Clans, chances are you’re too busy to be an entrepreneur. Or vice versa, I’m not really sure. Well, it turns out playing Clash of Clans might actually help you in devising a strategy for your start-up. Anil Kumar has penned an editorial over at YourStory covering exactly how this is so.


According to Kumar, here’s what you can learn from the game to build both a successful clan and start-up.

Start small, which gives you the benefit of being able to make mistakes. This is, of course, the stage where you’re still learning the game, and not quite ‘playing’ it yet, so it’s natural to feel a bit intimidated.

Mature each level before advancing, which is important because you need strong defences. As in the game and as in a start-up, you need to make sure you’re no scaling prematurely. Don’t grow until you’ve matured in your current level.

Build a team, because it takes a strong clan working together and working in co-ordination to win a war. Sharing responsibilities is paramount in a startup, and having a strong team culture will help you win the battles you set out to fight.

Plan well, because really, what’s a strategy if you’re not going to do any planning? Attack, win wars, manage your resources well, and you’ll be on top of both Clash of Clans and real-life start-ups.


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