We very recently got an update out of the way for Clash of Clans, which brought with it a number of new troop levels as well as a new troop, the Bowler. Anticipation is rife for what Supercell might do next with the games, with fans expecting another update coming as soon as later this month. Whether Supercell will oblige or not is obviously not something we would be privy to know, but it does tell us something about the game and its community to examine what fans are interested in seeing.


Twitter is completely inundated by requests for Supercell to bring about some very specific changes, such as being able to upgrade walls without needing builders, a new star bonus for defences, and a tweak to the War log to show a streak of the last 10 games.

One fan asks Supercell to “do poison better”, while Twitter user Jake Bones asks Supercell to either bring a new troop to Town Hall Level 7 or 8 or let players get to higher levels. User Ryan Smith asks for the ability to transfer some gold and elixir to the treasury, while Pruthvi Chakote wants to see the ability to blacklist certain players.

What features do you want to see in the coming update for Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below, and if we get enough answers, we’ll run another story featuring you!


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