Supercell has announced that Clash of Clans will now have Friendly Challenges, which let you attack your clanmates as practice, competition and to have a bit of fun. Friendly Challenges do not consume any resources such as gold, troops, spells, heroes or traps, and are unlimited. Conversely, you will not earn any resources, or other bonuses either.

Clash of Clans

According to Supercell’s blog post on the addition, new ‘Challenge’ button in Clan chat will allow you to invite clanmates to attack your village. Once the invite is accepted, the Clan member will attack your village against a layout of your choice. On the other hand, if you’re on the other end, you can attack the village with your current army. A replay of the challenge will be available in Clan chat, and clanmates can even watch you attack live. No pressure.

Friendly Challenges may not let your earn anything, but they certainly cost nothing either, and sound like the absolute perfect place to test various skills, layouts, troops and so on. It sounds like a proper sandbox that you can mess about in. Are you going to issue Friendly Challenges to your clanmates? Let us know in the comments below.


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