It’s incredible to see a game still in popular demand 25 years after the release of the first title in the series. 25 years of Civilizations is a heck of a legacy. We’re really pumped about the next Civilization VI game. A lot of people have wasted (well we wouldn’t call it wasted) countless hours building their empire from scratch in the Civilization in-game timeline. It’s a guilty pleasure to see an obscure civilization rise out of the stone age and conquer the entire world. Therefore, we are even more delighted to let you know about some new features that were revealed by the dev team at PAX 2016.

civilization vi features
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Civilization VI Features unstacking cities

The unstacking cities gameplay feature is the most innovating and brand-new of all the features in the game. Every time you’re playing the game, the map is going to change. The change is going to affect a lot of your cities and structures. The map has become this other character you’re playing against. Before, you just had the city center and you’ve got your buildings in there. Now there are all the different districts. It’ll increase the challenge for players. There are also the build versions and destructive versions of each one. All the wonders that were in your city center, they’re now in districts all over the map. All the hexes are around your city center. It’s almost like a puzzle game and will make you think twice before making an important decision regarding the expansion of your empire.

The tech tree is quite different

The tech tree has always been the back-bone of Civ. It’s the timeline for your civilization. Previously it was a very set timeline. Players are aligned to certain strategies like using gunpowder. Now, however, the actions you take in the game will determine the speed of the progress through the tech tree. You can completely change your strategy based on what you started doing in the game. So, for example you setup a city near a coast, so you will research sailing and gain the ability to traverse water hexes much quicker.

civilization vi features
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One of the coolest parts of the espionage system is that you can steal great works. So, you can sneak into someone’s cities and take all their sculptures and paintings Why make your own great works when you can take them from other civilizations? Those who have played Gods and Kings, and Brave New World (Civ 5 expansions) would be familiar with this.


The religion system is going to be bigger and better than ever. The system was originally introduced in the God and Kings expansion of Civ 5. Civilization VI features will now include a religious victory. There is also religious combat. If you were tired of missionaries coming over to your empire and converting your people, you can now counter that by sending your own missionaries to rival empires. it’s like wizard combat. Two apostles battle each other for religious domination and the winner takes the surrounding ten hexagon tiles in a single instant.

civilization vi features
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Civilization VI features the most requested civilization by fans – Congo

Congo has been added to the roster of civilizations as well as Zimbabwe. The Congo infantry are really powerful and can easily traverse different hexagons without receiving any movement penalty. The Congo infantry also have a huge benefit against ranged units like archers.

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