These strategy tips will help you with your long term planning and tactics in Civilization 6. The game is the most anticipated PC strategy game of the year. It’s right around the corner and it’s best you keep yourself prepared using some of the tips we provide here.

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Civilization 6 lets you build a harbor if the coast tile is within 3 hexes of your city

In previous Civ games you might have insisted on planning your city near the coast because that’s how you can build ships. However, in Civilization 6 as long as your city is within 3 hexes of any coast tile, then you can build your harbor there.

Try to always Eureka your researchers whenever possible to maximize efficiency

Eureka moments are goals tied to specific techs that, upon completion, reward 50% of the requirements of that technology.

Early war with unprotected settlers is a really good move

If you can capture an early settler from another civilization, it is often a good idea to do so. Even at the cost of war. But watch out for warmonger penalties.

You can avoid warmonger penalties in ancient era

You can challenge opponents in the ancient era while avoiding the warmonger penalties. However, the opponent must also be in the ancient era.

Clear out forests and marsh for a one-time boost in production and food

Clear them out to get substantial amount of resources. If you simply build a district over it, you will not get anything for removing the vegetation.

Keep your districts close together

Districts and some tile improvements benefit from having other districts and improvements nearby. So, by placing these in a triangle or diamond formation you can maximize efficiency.

Send envoys to city states

This will be well worth your time because you can gain several benefits especially if you manage to become the suzerain of that city.

Suzerain bonuses are very powerful

These include taking control of the city state’s military and making use of their resources. You can get unique diplomacy bonuses like a 15% science increase.

Religious warfare is very important

Theological combat adds a new layer to religious gameplay. Pay attention wherever religious units meet.

Spies are very important as well

They can steal Great Works from cities with a Theater Square. This can greatly advance your culture.

And finally, nukes!

We feel no need to elaborate on this. Have fun!

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