The first patch to Civilization 6 went live recently and it is a big one. Many of the problems Civ 6 had upon release have been addressed in this update. Which change do you like the most?

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Civilization 6 Patch Notes

From the update, it seems that Industrial Barbarian Encampments simply means that encampments simply change visually after the Industrial Era. Makes sense to most players; it felt weird, albeit funny, using your Modern Armor to storm through wooden palisades and straw huts back in Civ V. Barbarian encampments spawn barbarians roughly corresponding to the tech level of the most advanced civ. Therefore, a barbarian camp during the industrial era should spawn Infantry or Musketmen. At least, that’s how it more or less worked in Civ V).

The ability to turn off unit cycling was already in the INI files, all you had to do was change one number to do it. It should (and clearly could) have been in the game options from the start, but it’s good that it is in there now. However, we really think that they need to adjust the term barbarian through the game. That works in the early game, but it’s weird to have barbarians show up in late game. They should change names through the game. Barbarians first, and then when the middle eras arrive they should be Outlaws for example, and then in late eras turn into Insurgents. It feels weird when in circa 2000 there’s still barbarians wielding spears and living in grass huts when you have tanks

The only thing they forgot to do was move the City Bombard targeting button to the top of the city name bar. So that, it’s not a pain in the neck to use when a unit is garrisoned in a city. Anyways, let us know your thoughts about the new Civilization 6 patch.


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