We will show you some exploits that you can use to win a Civilization 6 game. Some of these are game breaking so it is advised not to try them out while playing multiplayer. Only try them during your single player campaign and even then caution is advised because some of these have unpredictable outcomes.

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Civilization 6 exploits & glitches

As soon as you get Mobilization in late game (or a bit early if you’re using Scythia), you can make armies. Army in Civilization 6 is basically a pack of 3 units. Now buy an army of three and you will notice your money go down. Right away resell the unit you just bought and you will notice that you made a profit of around 3000 (or more). Keep doing this to accumulate a massive amount of gold.

Now let’s say you conquered another player and want to get hold of another. With the player, that you wish to conquer, make a deal and ask to buy any of his assets. The opponent will give you a price. When negotiating for a lower price, just decrease the price by exactly two gold coins. Then you will notice a prompt asking you to make the deal more equitable, once you click on that, the price will drop from whatever it was before to exactly two gold coins. Keep doing this and you will buy the opponent outright.

The game-breaking thing at the moment is something you need to lookout for. Builders can do three building actions. Use two of them and then sell them for half the price and buy a new one. This will net you a profit. In late game, if you try to go for the Domination victory and try to conquer the last few cities, the game would crash to desktop. This obviously needs a hotfix because a game crash right at the end of a Civ 6 match is extremely annoying.


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