The Culture Victory is the most complicated way to win the game in Civilization 6. We’ll go over some basics and talk about strategies to help you get a dominant culture in Civilization 6. We’ll start off with the basics and then gradually increase and talk about some of the advanced stuff.

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Get up as many Theater Square as possible in Civilization 6

This should be obvious to anyone even slightly invested in playing the game from a Culture perspective. You need as many cities as possible which will allow you to get as many theater squares as possible.

Great People

This is the second most fundamental thing you need for a culture victory in Civilization 6. Go after great writers, artists and musicians. Theater Square lets you get more points for going after Great People. So, if you followed the previous tip then you should be on your way to getting a Culture Victory.


They’re important because they will offer you the adjacency bonus for those Theater Squares. A lot of Wonders go hand-in-hand for a Culture Victory. We advise looking through the Civics Tree and take note of some of the Wonders that you can rush.

Antiquity Sites and Shipwrecks

In the Renaissance era, if you went down Humanism, the Archaeological Museum will be the third building you an build inside your Theater Squares. Assuming that you have Theater Squares in most of your Cities. This is very important as you have to choose between an Archaeological Museum or an Art Museum. If you choose Art Museum you will not have a slot open for Antiquity Sites or Shipwrecks that you may come across in the future.


Last but not the least and a really important aspect is Religion. If you don’t play your cards right here you may get some major penalties but in the situation that you do, you will get some major bonuses. You can’t do much about different governments but don’t worry about it because it’s not too much of a penalty. However, do take note of Open Borders. At a certain point, it will make sense for you to be friendly with most Civs.


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