There is some great news for all you electronics fanatics out there. In the coming Friday, an all-new update 0.4 for the Chromium OS is promised by the team over at Raspberry Pi. The update is codenamed “Lenny Bruce”, after the world-renowned stand-up comedian, Leonard Alfred Schneider. It is slated to be the best update to the OS so far and expectations are sky-high. There were some really irritating bugs and issues present in the previous build of the OS that is surely going to be dealt with in this update.


The developers of the OS have said that they’ve considered the feedback of many users in making this update the best one possible. There are tons of performance improvements and a few added features too. But they haven’t revealed what the improvements or features are yet. They are trying to build up as much excitement as possible. Maybe in the next two days, there will be an official announcement from their side.

People who are unaware of what the Chromium OS is, don’t worry. It is just an open source version of the popular Chrome OS. It is used for development purposes and can be ported on to the Raspberry Pi 2. The Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 2 doesn’t have an official website as of now. But do check out the Reddit page for the same, to stay updated with the latest news and fixes that will be released by the developers.

Mark your calendars and be ready for the awesome update arriving on 19th February 2016.


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