It’s an eventful day for the Google developers community. Not only do they have some catching up to do with the Android O Developer Preview, but the Chrome team has also rolled out the first public beta for the forthcoming Google Chrome 58.0.


There’s plenty of new additions in the new beta release. It includes full support for IndexDB 2.0, enhancements for iframe navigation with the addition of a new sandbox keyword that allows control over iframe top navigation behavior, immersive full-screen support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), as well as a slew of other important new features and modifications.

“The IndexedDB 2.0 standard is now fully supported in Chrome, making it simpler to work with large data sets in the browser. IDB 2.0 features new schema management, bulk action methods, and more standardized handling of failures,” Victor Costan, IndexedDB Interloper, wrote in a Chromium blog post.

“The structure of a site’s database has large performance impacts and can be difficult to change. To simplify updates, object stores and indexes can now be renamed in-place after a refactoring. Sites can also use more natural keys without worrying about a performance penalty thanks to binary keys, which allow compact representations for custom keys.”

Some of the other key developer changes in Chrome include the ability to customize native media controls, WebAudio API additions, trailing commas in JavaScript for argument lists and formal parameter, and color-gamut media query, among other changes.

Visit the official Chromium blog post here for the full list of added features and other details.


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