Chrome is known for using a ton of RAM and slowing down your PC. The issue is quite common for a low-end to mid-range PCs or the ones with low RAM. Now, Google has come up with a new update for the browser. The Chrome 55 improves RAM usage with JavaScript engine and solves the slowing down issue.

Chrome 55 Improves RAM Usage With JavaScript Engine

Previously, Google had released multiple tweaks and updates for the browser, which never really worked. Now, the search engine giant has come up with a solution. The Google Chrome 55 comes with updated JavaScript engine. The company claims that it will offer improved performance with a drastic decrease in overall RAM usage. This is a great improvement for the browser, that claims to be the fastest browser on the web.

Google claims that the new browser comes with a drastic decrease in RAM usage, thanks to an upgraded JavaScript engine. In fact, the company claims that the RAM usage decrease by 50 percent under ideal conditions. This is great news for the Chrome users. Google Chrome is the most preferred desktop browser over Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. As of September 2016, Google Chrome had a 54.41% desktop browser market share.

The Chrome 55 is expected to perform better than any previous iteration of the browser. The Chrome 55 team claims that there will be future updates too, that will further improve the browsing experience, especially for 1 GB of RAM. Now, users will be able to keep more tabs open along with multiple apps running in the background, without actually affecting the PC’s performance.

However, the Chromium team said that there is a trade-off between garbage collection throughput, latency and memory consumption. Devices with up to 512MB of RAM, can find it challenging to prioritize latency and throughput over memory consumption. This may result in ‘out-of-memory crashes.’

The Chrome 55 update will be released on December 6. It will replace the current public version, Chrome 53.


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