The desktop version of Google Chrome (version 55) came recently, making HTML 5 as default, trying to further reduce Flash usage. After desktop version, the mobile version of the Google’s browser started shipping to Play Store, adding sort of a “”Read it Later” feature along with reduced memory usage.

Google Chrome version 53.0.2785.97 APK Is Officially Here to Download

You can now save full web pages (including text and images) via icon present at the top of the overflow menu, with audio and video player being able to save media via a newly introduced save icon. The feature allows users to save web pages, audio, and video files in order to read/watch them later, while offline. You can find all saved content in the Downloads screen in the overflow menu, just under history tab.

Downloads screen sports media by pages, audio, video, documents, and images, all available for offline viewing. Also, downloads screen shows how much storage downloads are taking up; users can share, or delete saved files.


Other than new Downloads screen, new Chrome version introduces improvements to the contextual search as well as enabling Chrome to highlight misspelled words in text fields. Further, under-the-hood enhancements now make Chrome use less memory, thanks to JavaScript Heap Size Reduction and Zone Memory Reduction. This is especially important for low-memory devices sporting less than 1 GB of RAM (specifically for devices with 512 MB of RAM or less); the said devices will see a big performance boost since the browser will now use up to 35 percent less memory. Of course, the boost will be visible on devices packing more than 1 GB of RAM.

Chrome 55 for Android us rolling out now. You can download it from Play Store, just be aware that the update is rolling out in waves, so not everyone will see the update right now.


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