Are you fed up of looking at the dull iOS 10 Control Center background? Do you want it to look a little bit nicer than before? The following guide might come in handy in this regard. This guide lets you know how you can change the background by using Jailbreak tweak named as CCWallCustomizer by iKilledApple3.

Follow the method below to change iOS 10 Control Center Background

iOS 10 Control Center is a very useful tool that offers a shortcut to the main device settings. It saves you up from a lengthy procedure of stopping the operation of an opened app that’s running in the background. It helps you control any particular application from your device’s Lock Screen, Home Screen, or while browsing through any other application at the same time. Usefulness of iOS 10 Control Center is in no way questionable, but it graphically looks mundane and lifeless at times. The dullness of colors makes it the most unlikable part of the iOS 10 OS. If you are going mad over the uninteresting looks of iOS 10 Control Center background, you need not get worried about that at all.

Thanks to the free new Jailbreak tweak named as CCWallCustomizer, you can now change the background of iOS 10 Control Center. CCWallCustomizer lets you literally change your iOS 10 Control Center background to any image in your Library. You can download any image from the web, save it in your image library and change it to your device’s Control Center background. You can also use your device’s camera to take a picture and set it as Control Center’s background using the CCWallCustomizer.

Once you are all set up with Jailbreak CCWallCustomizer, you’ll have a new Preferences Panel. The panel adds up a bit more detail to the device settings. This helps change the iOS 10 Control Center background with ease.

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Our verdict

Jailbreak is undoubtedly a very useful tool that enables you to make a number of changes to your iOS devices. However, if not properly configured, it can cause some serious problems as well. It’s better to properly get familiar with all the pros and cons before you try and Jailbreak your devices. Be advised that once jailbreak, your device may lose all the warranties provided by the manufacturer. So if you don’t know how to handle it properly, you should definitely get it done by a professional.

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