Carrying on the trend of immense affordable Android smartphones, ChampOne C1 is going to continue the legacy of offering decent specifications to the Indian market, while carrying a price of only Rs. 501. While the smartphone will not be able to compete with Freedom 251 in terms of affordability, the specs of the smartphone are more than attractive.

While ChampOne C1 currently carries a price of Rs. 501, it’s only for promotional purposes only and will be sold for a price of Rs. 8,000 after the fireworks period has completely ended. Therefore, it’s imperative that you register yourself in order to purchase the phone for Rs. 501 otherwise the promotional period will run out quite much quicker than you’d anticipate. As for the specifications, ChampOne C1 features a quad-core processor running at 1.3GHz. Since no phone this cheap will come with a Snapdragon chipset, it could either feature a MediaTek 6735 or 6737, since these are the only SoCs belonging to the company that are running a quad-core processor at that speed.

ChampOne C1 succeeding Freedom 251

There’s 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage present, and for an affordable smartphone, you’d hardly expect to see a fingerprint sensor on a device like this but ChampOne C1 has us surprised to the very end. It has a fingerprint scanner and a 5-inch IPS display, along with an 8MP rear camera. According to the details, ChampOne C1 will be sold through a promotional period. To purchase the phone, you can register for the flash sale with Cham1india which started on August 22.

After registration, customers will get a chance to buy the smartphone for Rs. 501. The first flash sale is scheduled for September 2, so do not miss out on the opportunity to purchase a heavily spec’d out phone for a less than Rs. 1000. The Freedom 251 isn’t looking too attractive to warrant a purchase now, is it?