Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a number of amazing Sidequest along with the main quests. Some of the sidequests are available easily in the game, but some of them are hidden. If you want to complete anyone of the hidden sidequests, you’ll have to find it. One of the amazing Sidequests is the remarkable Ceremonial Song. If you are in search of the Ceremonial Trident and the Ceremonial Song Sidequest, you should totally follow the following guide.

The Ceremonial Trident

The Ceremonial Trident can be located in the region of Zora’s Domain. You can find the Ceremonial Trident before or after you are done with the Vah Ruta Divine Dungeon quest. You can have the Lightscale Trident if you clear the Vah Ruta Divine beast dungeon first then talk to the king in his throne room.

Where to Find Ceremonial Trident

While you are in the Zora’s Domain, remember to get out from the Left Exit. On your way out, jump down to the Right below. Use your Magnesis to look at the shape of the trident in the water. To make a few pillars in the water, use Cryonis and eventually get closer to the trident’s shape. Once you are familiar with the shape, use your magnesis and pull out the Ceremonial Trident out of the water.

The Ceremonial Trident Weapon is not so strong but you can always repair it. So once you are through with getting the Ceremonial Trident, take it to the tinkerer who has a shop in Zora’s Domain. The tinkerer will repair the Trident in return of some Zara Spears and flint. No doubt it’s stronger than Zora’s Spear but it’s not so good as the Lightscale Trident.

The Ceremonial Song Sidequest

If you are so keen to complete the Ceremonial Sidequest, you should know that finding Ceremonial Trident is a must. Once you have found the Ceremonial Trident, look at the world map. It’ll lead you to pedestal submerged in the water in Veiled Falls. If you want, you can swim up to the waterfall while wearing the Zora Armor. You can also create Cryonis Pillars and climb up your way to the waterfall. This also helps you prevent death and merge with the nest event.

In situations, where the enemies and attacks are imminent, the paragliding ability helps neutralize the attack. This eventually takes you to the discovery of the Gagah Keek Shrine. Now you must hit the “Y” button on your controller to get at least ten feet off the pedestal. After that perform a powerful ground attack (Ground pound Attack) on the same spot at the pedestal, activate it with the help of your suitable trident and enjoy being able to complete the Ceremonial Song Sidequest.

Gagah Keek Shrine

This also unlocks the Gagah Keek Shrine that you can find at the Southwest of Zora’s Domain.

So are you ready to have some fun in Zelda: Breath of the wild, completing the challenging Sidequests?


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