You might have been hearing the news about CEMU every now and then, but this one’s probably the most appealing. According to the new information released by CEMU Devs, the next big CEMU update is bringing in the much-awaited native Online Play support via Nintendo’s own servers.

This was recently shared by one of the CEMU developers on the CEMU SubReddit page that the upcoming update will add support for native online play to the emulator. The dev further stated that after this big break, fans will have tons of questions to ask, but there isn’t much to tell about it at the moment.

According to the developer on Reddit, everything related to the next CEMU update is still in “Proof-of-Concept” phase. In addition, the dev admitted to playing a match on it. This means that the next update is almost ready to be released soon.

Based on what the dev shared on Reddit, it is evident that they have tested just one game  until now. Hopefully, the results for other games will be as good as this one. Splatoon is the only one game that’s been currently tested on Updated CEMU with Online-play features. Check out the following video for a detailed look at Splatoon Turf Wars with CEMU Updated version and Online-Play feature.


As mentioned earlier, the dev has also told the CEMU fans that once the next update is out, fans will be able to enjoy the Online-play via Nintendo’s own servers. In order to run it properly, fans will need a Nintendo Wii U console, CFW specifically for OTP dumping. In addition, the fans will also need a working Nintendo Wii U account. The account must be connected to Nintendo Network ID or else they will not be able to enjoy it.

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At the moment, there is this much info out about the next big CEMU update. We’ll keep an eye out for you and will definitely update you as soon as we know more about it. Please leave a comment with your thoughts on it.