Ah so another day of catching Pokemon but you’re just too tired and don’t feel it in your legs to go outside for a walk or, like me, you’re just too lazy and never like going outside and meeting new people and, well, doing stuff that other people who go outside do. So, if you’re like that then this new hack is just for you. Mind you, however, flying drones is not an easy thing and you should get some experience with one before trying this. Also, there are strict regulations regarding the use of drones and radio frequencies so keep that in mind too. We, at MobiPicker, are not responsible if you get in trouble with the law or end up flying your drone into some poor kid’s face.

Pokemon Go

1. Okay, so first you’re gonna need a drone for this. I personally recommend the DJI Phantom 4 or any drone in the DJI Phantom series with an on-board camera, the reason is that it is really easy to fly, so even if you’re a beginner you should have no problem getting it off the ground and keeping it stable mid-flight. It’s pretty expensive though (around $1000) but if you’re lazy enough o spend that much cash who am I to stop you.


2. This isn’t going to be a tutorial about setting up a drone, so we will assume you have bought your drone and are ready to fly it and catch Pokemon. There are several tutorials about setting up your Quadcopter so you can look online for those (although I personally think it won’t be an issue for even a newcomer, unless you’re that lazy!)

3. Now attach your mobile device right beneath the gimbal and camera of the drone with adhesive tape. Make sure it is securely attached and that it gives enough room to the camera and gimble to rotate.

4. See that wasn’t so hard! Just to make sure the mobile is firmly attached to the bottom supports of the drone, pick up the drone and move it around with your hand really fast to make sure the mobile doesn’t fall off.

5. Now just install the firmware on another mobile phone which will let you stream video from your drone’s camera to that mobile phone so you know where you’ll be going once you start flying. Now install another software, this time on your PC, called AirDroid which will link your PC to the phone that you attached to your drone (the one with the Pokemon Go app installed on it). Also, don’t forget to install AirDroid on that mobile phone also (which has the Pokemon Go app and which you just attached to your drone).

6. You’re almost done. Now just turn everything on and make sure the app is connecting with your PC (or laptop), open the Pokemon Go app and start flying! Keep your balance because these drones can get really unstable once they fly far away and you don’t want to lose your mobile phone just because you were too lazy to walk around and play Pokemon Go just like every normal healthy kid does.

7. That’s it. You’ve done it. Seriously though this is a very interesting hack and brings an all-new meaning to catching Pokemon. if you’re still having trouble you can check PewDiPie’s video where he goes through the entire process and catches a Pokemon.