Want to switch carriers, or just wanna check out which one has the best 4G coverage? T-Mobile and Sprint have some cool new offers, but can they provide 4G LTE coverage that’s quality enough to switch? Is AT&T king of the quality 4G coverage, or is it Verizon Wireless? Arrived at a new town, and want to find out where the signal has the best quality so you can rent a flat in that area? OpenSignal can answer all of those questions.


Don’t worry; you don’t have to live in the US in order to use the app; it works all around the world.  OpenSignal will show you nearby cell towers, Wi-Fi spots; it can show you network quality, and much more. It’s a great tool for comparing network coverage of different carriers, it can show where the best (2G, 3G, and 4G) signal is, and all that in just a few taps on the screen.

The app is available both for iPhone and Android, it’s free, easy to use, and it shows detailed info regarding the 4G coverage. You can see which areas are better covered, which roads feature the best 4G signal, and which streets are best to live in if a quality 4G LTE coverage is important for you.

Download the app and check out is the coverage good enough, or is it time to switch carrier.


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