Carolina Ravassa who has given her voice for the character Sombra in Overwatch is pretty sure that every other actor who will voice the character after her will always found a little of Sombra in her. Carolina considers herself lucky for being given a chance to play a strong and astute Latina girl.

In a conference at SXSW, she told the audience that “I’m honored when they pick me”. Carolina also revealed that the producers initially didn’t know about her Colombian roots and that used to frighten her during the initial voiceover sessions. She said, “During the first sessions, I kept thinking if they find out I’m Colombian I’m going to lose this job. I really was worried.” Soon she realized that the producers are OK with anything until they like it. And the way Carolina voiced Sombra was exactly the thing they were looking for.

“We are always trying to do our best to strike a balance between an authentic accent, acting, and personality,” Chu, the lead-writer of Overwatch said. “But it doesn’t always work. Another example was Mercy. We wanted someone with a Swiss-German accent, but that’s hard to do. We liked Lucie Pohl’s voice acting so we went with her.”

When asked about how did she get to voice of the character of Sombra, she told the audience that Chu conceived Sombra as a tough Spanish speaking girl from the Mexico City. However, Carolina is from Colombia, and she still went for auditions. Her accent was particularly liked by the Overwatch creators and thus she bagged the role.

Carolina Ravassa- Sombra (credits Twitter)
Carolina Ravassa- Sombra (credits Twitter)

“I know every character, every superhero, is a person and has a little good and a little bad in them. I know there are a lot of Sombra haters and that’s OK. I knew she was Mexican, and I generally do an accent from the north.”

She seems to be unconcerned about the sinister roles that Sombra has played in the Overwatch itself. She sees her character as an icon of Latin girls, as someone from whom they can draw inspirations.

“Honestly I think Sombra is the perfect embodiment of Latinas,” Ravassa stated. “She’s strong, feisty, a badass and funny. I feel really proud to play her. I’m often asked to play stereotypes who are not too smart or have big boobs. Hopefully, the Latinas who play as Sombra will feel like there is a little bit of her in them.”


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