Capcom has spoken about their game plan going forward with the Nintendo Switch. Here is what they have to say and how possibly Monster Hunter could easily fit into that. During the latest financial briefing, Capcom’s CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto has touched upon the company’s Nintendo Switch support. During the Q&A session, Tsujimoto stated that multiplatform development will be possible for the new Nintendo console, but that’s not what Capcom would like to do, as they seek to offer something that will differ from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles.

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What does Capcom have in store for the Nintendo Switch

Capcom’s plan for the Switch needs to be Monster Hunter, Nintendo Vs. Capcom, & Megaman. Personally, we think Nintendo vs Capcom would be amazing. We also would really love it if Resident Evil 7 arrived on the Switch. Now you must be wondering how a potato like Switch can handle a game based on the Unreal Engine.

PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox Scorpio all use mobile CPUs. Jaguar cores are going to be old as dirt by the time Scorpio comes out and they’re already underpowered and have been since they launched. It’s apples and oranges. Look at what Pascal microarchitecture can do. If the Switch uses that, which we think it probably does, then it should be able to handle anything from the CPU side of things.

The CPU we’re referring to is the quad-core ARM Cortex A57 plus the two custom Denver cores. We know that Pascal is a GPU microarchitecture and what we mean to say is that on the GPU side it’s apples and oranges. On the CPU side, the Jaguar cores aren’t at all impressive or out of reach as is expected. If the Switch is unable to run “modern AAA games” we think it’ll more likely be because of an underpowered GPU. We doubt it’ll be because of a bottleneck at the CPU. Nvidia themselves have been criticizing the CPUs in the PS4 and Xbox One so why would they make the same mistake?

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