The most anticipated Candy Crush CBS Game show starts on the network on July 9, 2017. Fans are eager to know what are the exciting rules and how will the contestants play this game on a visibly huge screen.

Candy Crush is a popular mobile game app that has addicted thousands of people across the globe. Looking at the popularity of the mobile game, a new game show is starting on the CBS network based on the same game. Read to know three things about the show before the premiere.

1. The Game Is Played On A Huge Touchscreen

In Candy Crush CBS Game Show, contestants play on a huge touch screen display. According to Touch Arcade, “…apparently, the Candy Crush TV show is already a part of the Guinness World Records for having the world’s largest touch screen displays, measuring in at 30 feet high by 20 feet wide.” It also adds, “The screens include 55 55-inch monitors, each with 32 cameras recording the competitors’ hand swipes. Isn’t that is exciting to watch how players would play this game?

Candy Crush
Photo Credit: Facebook/Candy Crush TV Show

2. There is Time Rule And A Grand Prize

The contestants playing this game have to be really quick as there will be a time limit set. Also, it is all worth it, as there is a grand prize-$100,000 prize to the winner of the show. Mario Lopez, the host of this show says, “[The games are] all competitive and the people are all very intense about it and they’re real close. There’s a lot of emotion involved — a lot of hugs, a lot of tears.”

He also adds, “The most important thing is, you’ve got to communicate well and it’s all about the teamwork,” he further notes, “and you’ve got to stay focused because you’re working against a clock. So it’s a lot of pressure, and it gets loud in here,” reported Entertainment Weekly.

3. How To Play This Game?

To play this game, contestants will not be using their phone. Rather, uses “Bungee jumping, walking on the board, flying above the board will all be stipulations the contestants will have to face,” reported


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