It’s a good day because Infinity Ward released the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Patch Notes on Reddit. Basically, when the game comes out, there’s going to be a whole lot of changes. We’ll go over through some important changes.

call of duty infinite warfare patch notes
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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Patch Notes

There’s huge nerfs for Snipers. Bullet spread at the hip no longer gets smaller as the player ADS’s. Once the scope reaches the player’s eye, the bullet spread goes instantly to zero. Sniper aim assist was reduced slightly for the KBS Longbow and the other bolt action snipers. Turn rate while Aimed Down Sights is still slowed to help with precision aiming. Sniper-class weapons no longer have any Aim Assist until the optic fully reaches the player’s eye.

For the ELO and Scout optics on snipers, the idle sway while ADS has been increased along with the player’s view bounce when moving. Because these optics are less zoomed in, the view bounce and the sway are felt less. These changes are to promote more stationary aiming and firing with these optics. The Tracking Chip optic’s visuals have been improved also.

There’s some changes to Matchmaking as well. Potential player evaluation was too strict. This was eventually relaxed, leading to shorter matching times. Dead lobby cleanup. The process which cleans up unused or dead lobby information from the back end was taking too long. This was causing a number of slowdowns when searching for a match.

Some gamemode changes were also made. Defender: When carrying the Drone, the score-per-second bonus has been bumped from 5 score per second to 10 score per second. Scorestreak carrier bonus is unaffected. Gun Game now features all classic weapons. In future updates, weapons with alternate functions will retain their state upon spawn.

Let us know your thoughts on these Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Patch Notes.


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