Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta will be coming to PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One on October 14. Activision announced it at the Call of Duty XP opening weekend. Players can get access to the beta of the game if they pre-order the game. The beta has only been announced for the PS4. However, Xbox One might get it later. PC will not be getting the beta. Previous Call of Duty title, Black Ops 3 also got its beta on the PlayStation 4 first and then the rest of the platforms.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta announced, will be coming on October 12 for PlayStation 4

Infinite Warfare Beta will also include call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare remastered. Fan reaction to the original Infinite Warfare trailer shows most of them are more eager to play the Call of Duty 4 remaster than the next installment to the franchise. Call of Duty 4 shaped the modern FPS genre with its engaging multiplayer and cinematic single-player experience. Later titles were criticized for being re-skinned versions of the same game and not actually introducing something considerably new while still being sold for the massive price of a $60 or more.

Actvision has also confirmed that all 14 multiplayer maps from the original Call of Duty 4 will be coming to Infinite Warfare. The new Infinite Warfare trailer shows the maps rebuilt from the ground up with high-resolution textures. The maps will include popular ones like Crash, Strike, Backlot, Bloc, Crossfire, Vacant, Overgrown, District, and Killhouse. Call of Duty 4 multiplayer maps are still highly popular. They are incredibly balanced for all kinds of game modes. These game modes include Search and Destroy, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Sabotage.

Will you be pre-ordering Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you posted more news on Infinite Warfare Beta, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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